Sunday, June 6, 2010


I like to write a final post of my trips, an overview of thoughts, experiences, and things of interest to me when the trip is done. So, I'm doing it now.

The trip was what I wanted it to be. The original purpose was to spend time with Big Sis. And we had two weeks of time together. Good time. Precious time. She's a wonderful sister; I wish we had been closer for more of our lives....

Parts of the trip were a revisit of the ride Gary and I did last year, so I was familiar with some of where we were. Other parts were totally new ground, and I enjoyed exploring those areas with my sister very much.

We traveled 2,404 miles together over the two weeks. Even though the Seagull Grill on the bridge of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel was closed, and it was ugly weather when we crossed it, we discovered US 1 and enjoyed it very much.

US 1 is slow-going, with much of the road at 45mph or below. But the little towns and villages were great to see. Interesting things along the way. Neat places to eat. You really get to see a side of America that is missed by the Interstates. I liked our travels on US 1 and seeing things along the way that made the trip special.

We ate too much. Many days included hotel breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and sometimes snacks as well). Later in the trip, we tried to do only two meals; breakfast and dinner, in hopes that we would not gain so much weight. I "only" gained about 5 pounds over the two weeks. We ate too much!

We spent a lot of time in memory lane. Talks of our childhood, interspersed with visual images of those times, brought back so many things I had not thought of for many years. We were in agreement that we were raised by parents who taught us good values and did the very best for us that they could do under the circumstances of limited education and resources. We did have a good childhood. I had wanted to go down that road of memories, and it was very satisfying to experience them.

The sights we saw along the way were amazing. Structures that were too beautiful to describe properly. Natural sights that were stupefyingly pretty.

The people we met along the way were very nice and helpful. Even though we were among Yankees along the way, they were, to a person, very friendly and interested in helping us. I have no complaints at all about how we were treated by those with which we came into contact.

Hotels were ok. None were fancy. Some were pretty spartan. The last several nights, we had major problems with Internet service, making surfing and blogging very difficult and frustrating. I think we experienced the most problems with Internet service on this trip of all the trips I've done over the past few years.

I had a good time with Big Sis. The trip was what I wanted it to be. And I believe she had a great time as well. It was definitely a "do-over" trip!

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