Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cape May

Today's post will be short.

It was an easy day. We got up late (8am), got ready to go, and hit the road headed north. We had decided to head north to Lewes, DE and take the ferry to Cape May, where we would spend the night. So, we did!

The day was gray, with some sprinkles from time to time. On the ferry, it was foggy and more bouncy than I would have thought it would be. The ship itself was a fairly big ferry, much bigger than any of NC's. It had a restaurant and several bars on it. But the ship was not full, and only one bar was open--and even it was doing very little business. The hour and twenty minute ride was okay.

Got to Cape May around 4:30pm and rode up and down the beach road a couple of times, trying to get a feel for the layout of town. On the second trip up the beach, we started talking about a place for the night and settled on the Sea Crest, a white brick motel facing the ocean. We ended up staying there, talking the clerk down $20 on the inflated rate.

There are no hotels or cottages on the beach side of the road. A few businesses exist on the beach side, but for the most part the beach side is vacant. There is a raised, concrete buttressed promenade (fancy word for walkway) about 2 feet above the road surface, and people walk and bike along the promenade (as we did later!).

The town is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The architecture is Victorian or Queen Anne, or Gingerbread, or some combination of those styles. Painted in multi-colors ranging from purple to red to blue, and including every color of the rainbow, they are stunningly beautiful. Hundreds of them! Most built in the 1860s with some a little newer, but just beautiful. A very romantic place.

We got in the room, added some clothes (it was cooling off), and walked to Washington Street Mall, about one-half mile into town. There we caught a trolley bus for a forty-five minute toour of the city. That was a good decision; we got to see and hear more than we would have known otherwise.

Then a walk down to the promenade, and finally, dinner at a mom and pop type diner facing the ocean. Got bluefish that was very good. Big Sis got a cheeseburger that was just huge.

Then a short walk back to the room for the night.

A good day. We're having a great time!


  1. My sister used to go to Cape May often. I wish you had posted a picture of the houses so I could see. I have never been there. A spot to be for the bird migrations though in the fall and the spring.
    Keep going...I am enjoying reading.

  2. Looks like photo of the Cape May town drunk! Look like you and Barbara are having fun.
    Enjoy! tlp