Sunday, May 23, 2010

Delmarva Peninsula

Even though it was not a pretty morning just before leaving (rain, thunder, clouds), we got underway about 9am. Mostly it was just cloudy, but there was some rain sprinkling down at times, and a couple of hard showers as we headed north and east.

Decided to show Big Sis the Whirleygig Man's' (Mr. Simpson) place near Wilson. The wind was calm, so she did not get to see them in action. Wish it had worked out, but it didn't.

Then on north through Scotland Neck, where they park in the middle of the road in the middle of downtown. Through Rich Square to Merchant's Millpond State Park. I wanted her to see the millpond, since it's very pretty there and so remote.

North to Suffolk, VA, through Chesapeake to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Here, we got a big disappointment. The Seagull Restaurant, where they serve a huge flounder sandwich, was closed. Damn. It's a great meal, and we were not going to get any of it. On top of that disappointment, it was foggy. So, you couldn't see much. Oh well, it wasn't to be.

Then north on US 13 into the Delmarva peninsula. We went on and off Hwy 13 several times, going through little towns and villages where the old highway originated. We wanted to find Accomac, where our ancestors landed in the New World in 1623. We stopped in Accomac, took some pictures of the old courthouse and the jail. We did one short walk around the block and marveled at the old architecture and neat old buildings. It was very nice.

Since we hadn't eaten anything but snacks since breakfast, I was getting hungry, so we drove to the Mallard at Wharf restaurant in Onancock, near Accomac. We got a table outside by the dock, and it was very nice. Got an undercooked burger (which I sent back for a cooked one), and it was good.

After dinner, we tried to find the waterfront near Accomac, and found it after wandering around a bit. But there wasn't much there, so we headed back to Onley for the motel for the night.

Tomorrow--head north, old man!

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  1. I love Merchants Millpond. Too bad about the flounder sandwich...these things come and go.
    Also...we both know foggy weather is not as much fun and the brillence of the sun!