Friday, May 21, 2010

Eve Eve Before Departure

As the heading says, it's the eve of the eve of our leaving town. Another way to say it is that we leave day after tomorrow! I'm excited!!

I think I'm pretty much ready. Have the clothes packed. And my meds. Bought snacks and drinks. All that is lacking is some of my gadgets that I usually take with me. Traveling in a car, I'll have much more space than I'm used to having. So, I can take more stuff.

Bar is supposed to arrive here tomorrow just after noon. It will be great to see her and to spend some time planning before we leave town. We had planned to get together one weekend to do some planning, but the timing just never worked out. So, we'll plan tomorrow and then go by the seat of our pants. More of an adventure that way.

I think we'll have some rain when we leave Sunday. Not easy to tell, but it's possible that we'll have several days of rain early in the trip.

When we leave Sunday morning, we're heading north and east, using secondary roads, headed towards Norfolk, VA. We may go by the Merchant's Millpond State Park, just so she can see it. Or we may not.

Our first "destination" is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. She's never seen it, and it's a neat thing, so we're going that way. I plan for us to stop at the Seagull Grill on the bridge and buy her a flounder sandwich. She has heard me talk about it, and I'd like for her to experience it herself. Of course, I really like them, and my mouth waters just thinking about it right now!

Up the Delmarva peninsula, we hope to see some remnants of our ancestors' landing from Scotland. I have no idea what to look for, or where, but we'll try to see what we can see. It would be so neat to actually find something connected to our ancestors and their beginnings in the New World.

We'll travel up the peninsula until it joins the mainland, and then basically work our way north, sometimes on Interstates and sometimes on smaller roads. I've come to love the smaller roads and the surprises they hold.

We are planning to not make reservations along the way, unless we feel it's needed. Since next weekend is Memorial Day weekend, we probably will need reservations for the weekend. We should be able to find suitable places along the way.

Guess it's time to wish us a bon voyage!

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  1. Hi Malcolm:
    Yes, I like to do the side roads and the is slower but you see more of the past and it is easier to stop and meet the locals. What a great idea to do this with your sister. I wish I could do it with my sister...but she "turns-off" emotionally with me and I don't feel safe to be around her when she just withdraws. I usually let her call me when she wants to talk. Works out better for me.
    Bye for now,